relaxing sea sounds

How sea sounds help reduce your stress


Even catching a few minutes by the sea can reduce your stress levels and calm your mind – but why?

Since time began people have been drawn to the ocean to bring calmness and find space to think and clear their minds. The movement of the sea, whether it be wild or calm can in itself be an important factor in its healing powers. Add to this the rumble of the waves and the ebb and flow of the tide, makes it a perfect setting to release emotions and focus on yourself. 

White noise has always been associated with helping the mind centre itself, removing distractions and also helping people sleep. The sea provides the perfect white noise, a continuous pattern of low to mid sound patterns that you can easily tune into.


Relaxing walks by the sea

When planning to relax your mind by the sea most would think about finding a peaceful place to sit and sometimes meditate to the ocean sounds. It’s equally effective to take a walk along the coastline or even if you’re lucky to walk in the shallows of the sea on a beach. Taking in the sea sounds, breathing the sea air and embracing the coastal ambiance. 

Whether you choose to sit or walk, you will get the benefits of taking in the relaxing sounds of the sea. 


The Sea Cast

Most of us have busy lives, not too much free time and carry a lot of stress around with us. We cope, we get on with things whilst managing our stress levels. We built the Sea Cast so you can take the sounds of the sea with you wherever you go. 

A lot of our visitors use it whilst working, reducing the sounds of an office, chatter or even breaking a silence. Helping them to focus and reduce stress levels. We also have many people who use the Sea Cast for sleeping. Finding the right mix using our sea sounds and letting it play, helping them fall into a deep restful sleep. 

Make sure you take time for yourself. Use our sea sounds or head out to the coast, or both!