What is White Noise

What is White Noise?

Static between radio channels, an oscillating fan, the sounds of the ocean, the drone of continuous machinery. All of these things, and many more can be counted as white noise. It’s generally a continuous low frequency sound that masks a number of other sounds (chatter, distractions etc) and makes you feel calm.

It’s fair to say white noise doesn’t have the same effect on everyone, in fact some people find it irritating and of no use at all. Although you could be subliminary effected by white noise. Ever find yourself dozing off on a train journey, or perhaps as a passenger in a car? The consistent background noise of a train running over the tracks is a classic white noise sound.

Many people find comfort listening to white noise when sleeping. They find it particularly hard to sleep in silence. A fan switched on or the sounds of the sea can help a lot of people sleep more easily.

Can White Noise help me concentrate whilst working?

The simple answer is yes.

If you’re a person that finds comfort in white noise sounds, using various different types of noise whilst working can really help you. If your work involves you working on a desktop or laptop all day, and you work in a distracting environment, such as an open plan office, it’s perfect.

Obviously with headphones in, you don’t want to isolate yourself from work colleagues all day. So it’s best to plug in when you most need it, when you need to concentrate and focus.

Also if you’re working as a freelancer, your office may well be a coffee shop or a shared work space, so using white noise to find head space to work is a great way to get things done.

Check out this study showing that white noise proved beneficial in improving concentration and cognitive performance in ADHD patients.

Can White Noise help me relax and sleep?

A lot of people are introduced to white noise when searching on Google to find ways to sleep or just have some down time and relax. Different people will find different things soothing. If you find that playing relaxing music isn’t working when trying to sleep or relax, experiment with different types of sounds.

Of course The Sea Cast has the perfect mix of white noise sounds to play around with, but there are plenty of different options across the internet to experiment with.

White noise is a type of sound that contains all frequencies within the range of human hearing at equal intensities.

White noise can be generated electronically using special equipment or software, or it can occur naturally in the environment (such as the sound of waves crashing on a beach).

White noise is often used to mask unwanted sounds or to create a soothing environment for sleep or relaxation. It is also used in music production and sound engineering to test equipment and analyze sound quality.

White noise can help mask other sounds that may disturb sleep, such as traffic, snoring, or a partner’s movements. It can also create a consistent, soothing background sound that can help promote relaxation and sleep.

While white noise is generally considered safe, exposure to very loud or prolonged periods of white noise can potentially cause hearing damage. It is also important to use white noise at a volume that is comfortable and does not cause discomfort or pain.

There are many different ways to create white noise at home, such as using a fan, a white noise machine, or a smartphone app that generates white noise. Some people also use recordings of natural white noise sources, such as rain or ocean waves.