Relax, sleep or focus to the sounds of the sea

Sea drones for the restless

Ahoy! Welcome to the home of relaxing sea sounds and mind soothing white noise. Relax them bones. They have been busy. We have worked hard to find the right sea sounds that offer different layers of audio so you can find the perfect mix to use. Rest up and sleep weary traveller and focus your mind with The Sea Cast. 

Whether it’s white noise you need to remove background distractions whilst you work or you find that sea sounds totally relax your mind and soul, you can find your fix here. Make full use of our online ocean noise generator for relaxing sea sounds to help you focus, rest or just create a background sound that you want.  

Ambient sounds have been proven to reduce blood pressure, clear your mind and help concentration. We have included different types of sea sounds and also popular white noise such as an electric fan, boat engine and even the captains hairdryer! 

So now it’s over to you to play around with our sounds to find the perfect mix to help you escape, focus or sleep. 

The Sounds Of The Sea


The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.

Sea Icon

Sail the rough seas

Sail the waves high, sail the waves low. Sail the waves until you throw. Kick back and get your relax or focus on with The Sea Cast tides.

Sound of a boat engine

Diesel boat engine

Drift across the open seas in your trusty boat. A continuous boat engine white noise to push away the outside distractions.

relaxing thunder storm

Rain and thunder storm

Get all caught up in a rain loaded thunder storm out in the open ocean. Great to mix in with other sounds to create a perfect wall of white noise.

Sea Icon

Sea at high tide

Listen to the ebb and flow of The Sea Cast high tides. The perfect background noise to use for sleep or relaxation.

The Sea Cast Foghorn

The Sea Cast Foghorn

As the sun falls away the fog and the treacherous storm rolls over the ocean waves. Hear the foghorn bellow!

The sea cast storm

The perfect storm

Just want to jump right into the storm? Buckle up you sea dog. Battle the seas in your trusty vessel, the rain and wind coming at you from all sides. They say the waves are 40 feet high! 40 feet high I say!

the winds from the sea

The sea winds

The sea winds can change and shift in the blink of an eye. Lay back and listen to the wind roll over the sea waves. Great to mix with other sounds.

The Lighthouse winds

Safely tucked up in your Lighthouse bunk but the sea winds always find a way inside.

radio static white noise

The radio weather report

Static and chatter across the radio airwaves. Be ready for any bad weather heading your way.

The Ship's Fan

The Ship's Fan

When the engine room gets too hot, the ship's fan is essential to keep everyone cool. A classic white noise to use for focus or relaxation.

Captains Hairdryer

The Captain's Hair dryer

The Captain's hair dryer provides a wonderful back beat of white noise whilst you work or chill. It also keeps the Captain's hair looking on point.