Reaxing your mind with the sounds of the sea

Like your body needs rest after a strenuous workout or a full day of physical work, your mind also needs downtime. Using time to create some head space is not really socially acceptable, not particularly seen as something you need to do to remain healthy.

TV and general media will promote a healthy living via eating correctly, regular exercise and not excessively drinking alcohol or smoking.

All of these are correct of course, but one key element they often tend to overlook is the health of your mind. It’s now talked about separately, ‘Mental Health’ like it’s something not associated with your general wellbeing, like it’s a separate issue when it’s not.

Taking good care of your health means your body and your mind, they go together and they both require equal attention.

Taking an hour cardio workout every other day but then spending the evening worrying over various things that have been in your head space for days is counterproductive.

Finding your head space

Everyone is different. There are many ways to relax your mind, clear your thoughts and give your head time to reboot and regain clarity. Meditation, listening to white noise, going for a walk by the ocean or even a daily nap after work perhaps.

Whatever works for you, it’s time to make it a part of your ‘exercise’ routine. If you have a workout schedule, start adding it so it becomes part of the routine. Don’t just reach out for ways to clear your head when you’re feeling stressed out.

Do it regularly, create a pattern like you would when training for a 10k run for example. Your mind needs structure, just like the body to remain fit and healthy.

Make getting fit and healthy all inclusive.

Our sea sounds

I originally built this website just for me. To use whilst I worked and to help me relax, however although it’s still only new, people have found their way to it and have contacted me to tell me how much it’s helped them in various ways.

That gives me the motivation to start spreading the word of the website in a more pro active manner. If the website has helped you in any small way, please pass it on.