The sea cast relaxing sea sounds

About The Sea Cast

After many years of working in locations that caused distraction, I started listening to white noise to help me focus, concentrate and work uninterrupted. Even playing music through my headphones didn’t help me focus. To sleep, I always have a fan running (even in winter!) and find it impossible to sleep in silence.

So my white noise choice to play whilst working was the sound of a fan, and it worked. Using YouTube to find the many channels which had fan recordings, I quickly found other sources of white noise: radio static, sea waves, engines running idle etc.

I quickly stumbled upon a wonderful website called A Soft Murmur, which I have used for years. A great collection of white noise sounds that can be mixed and played continuously. Although a great website, there was always a few sounds missing for what I wanted, and that was sea related noise.

I’ve always had a love of the sea, personally it is a place of serenity. So The Sea Cast is a combination of the need for white noise, the love of the sea and all things nautical. A nautical scenario built by sound and made for the mind to either focus or relax.

Also I would like to thank Maarit Brit Tanni for the wonderful drawn lighthouse image we are using for The Sea Cast. It was seeing this drawing on Reddit that gave me that final push to build the website after months of procrastination!


Why is it called The Sea Cast?

Once the website is up and running (I write this whilst building the website) with the sounds and feel I want, I shall start recording hour long podcasts (Sea Casts) which will include a mixture of strange, relaxing, new music and sounds from my collection.

I have spent a few years in radio broadcasting but also many years as a musician and in a band. Music and sound is pretty much at the heart of everything I do creatively, the Sea Casts will be an extension of that.

The recorded Sea Casts will be posted on the blog once I start recording. They will be free to stream and hopefully they will be something you can use and also discover new music and artists at the same time.

If The Sea Cast website helps you focus or sleep better, please share and let other people know.